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12 Best Places to Visit in Dubai For Honeymoon

Dubai exudes extravagance. It offers refined, extraordinary experiences, and even the

quintessential ways of life are transformed into something impressively enchanting. After

the long, exhausting wedding ceremonies, couples looking for an out-of-the-ordinary

honeymoon can find Dubai an incredible place to spend quality time in leisure and

utmost comfort with their beloved. These fascinating places to visit in Dubai for a

honeymoon are sure to make your holiday memorable.

Arabian Desert - on a hot air balloon

While a desert safari may not be your typical honeymoon destination, it can be just as

romantic if you and your significant other enjoy adventure sports. The golden dunes, on the other hand, catch the early morning sunlight beautifully, making it possible to take a hot airballoon ride over this tranquil expansaway from the city, in the peace and quiet of the dunes. It feels a bit like your magic carpet ride in the desert. The experience is mesmerizing, and it is followed by a refreshing desert breakfast.

At Dubai’s unique dining venues - for date nights

When it comes to culinary delights in Dubai, it's a feast for the senses! Dubai is teeming with high-end restaurants, Michelin-starred dining venues, and laid-back lounges where you can

enjoy international and local cuisine. When it comes to romantic dinners, the emirate adds an enticing charm with an out-of-the-ordinary dining experience. Take your loved one to the world's highest restaurant, At.Mosphere and enjoy a sumptuous meal while dining among

the clouds and a city view. Ossiano is another upscale restaurant where you feel as if you

are dining underwater among sea creatures. Looking for something a little more private and

special? Enjoy an intimate dinner for two in the spacious observatory pods of Ain Dubai with

stunning views of the Persian Gulf and city skyline.

Global Village Dubai - for globetrotting.

Spend a day traveling the world with your lover! If you are in Dubai between November and

March, visit Global Village Dubai - a unique seasonal mega tourism carnival that takes you

on a whirlwind tour of over 90 countries in one place. Take your time to get familiar with most of your favorite destinations if you have a couple's bucket list of places you want to go together in the future. The Global Village Dubai combines culture, food, and creativity from around the world and is an amazing experience to look forward to as a couple.

Dubai Miracle Gardens - for Instagrammable pictures.

Get surrounded by millions of blooms at Dubai Miracle Garden - the world's largest flower garden! A perfect photo op spot for your honeymoon trip, this picturesque colossal garden, complete with installations such as a heart tunnel and vibrant flower townships, is one of

the most romantic places to visit in Dubai for honeymoon. Take a lot of candid photos in this floral wonderland to remember your Dubai trip.

La Perle By Dragone - for spectacular entertainment

Get a dose of jaw-dropping acrobatics at La Perle by Dragone. Touted as Dubai's premier and permanent live show, La Perle by Dragone is a spectacular performance held at a unique aqua theatre made just for it. Watch graceful dancers defy gravity and entice you with fluid choreography. You can watch the show with a dinner reservation and just marvel

and enjoy the night in an enthralling atmosphere.

Dubai Marina - for a memorable cruise experience.

The Dubai Marina is a trendy spot to visit in Dubai with an extravagant and alluring setting. Get a sense of this Dubai destination with a cruise along the artificial canal surrounded by glistening towers and waterfront precincts. Take a dhow cruise Dubai dinner to see the beautiful views of Dubai Marina. Looking for something more luxurious and intimate? Take advantage of the boat rental Dubai service and book a yacht rental to take in the sights at your own pace in ultimate luxury.

At beachfront taverns - for stellar sunset views

Dubai's sweeping shoreline along the Persian Gulf makes the city quite appealing to couples.

The sunsets in Dubai are spectacular, and couples can enjoy nonchalant moments at the beachside and waterfront restaurants. For gorgeous sunset views, check out Pierchic, The Shore at Atlantis the Palm Dubai, Majlis Al Bahar, and Fish Beach Taverna which offer unrivaled views of the shore and skyline. If you want a somewhat more opulent experience,

nothing beats afternoon high tea at the elegant Burj Al Arab Jumeirah. The QE2, a massive, vintage ship that has stopped sailing but has been converted into a luxurious dining and lodging venue, is another one-of-a-kind dining spot to enjoy a romantic evening.

Above Dubai on a plane/helicopter - for a bird’s eye view of the city

If you think Dubai renders you breathless from time to time with its iconic sights, you

should look at the whole picture from a bird’s eye. A flight or helicopter tour of Dubai will take your breath away! The view from above, gliding past some of the city's stunning

architectural marvels while witnessing the sprawling Persian Gulf, is one you will remember for a long time. It is the best way to explore the city at any time.

In a Limousine - to tour Dubai City.

Dubai offers a memorable time for couples, with leisure experiences that can easily be altered into luxury ones by changing a few details. Dubai City Tours are undoubtedly on every visitor's itinerary, but honeymoon couples can experience them in style and privacy with a limousine city tour. A sightseeing tour of the city can become truly unforgettable when you have a sleek car and a chauffeur at your disposal.

At Blissful Spas - for ultimate relaxation.

Luxury wellness and hospitality abound in Dubai. If ultimate relaxation is what you seek when visiting Dubai for a romantic vacation with your loved one, there is no better place to unwind than at a spa. The spas in Dubai are world-class, so honeymooners can relax with aromatherapy, soothing massages, and a drawn floral bath that soothes the wedding

rushes. Treat yourself to a relaxing couples spa package before returning to your regular routines. The best spas to consider include Talise Spa, Amara Spa, Jiva Spa, and Armani Spa.

Photo by Conde Nast Traveler

On the outskirts of Dubai city - for overnight glamping experiences

Glamping on the outskirts of the city is an exciting adventure for couples who want to be close to nature. Sonora Camps, offer the best of both worlds: natural outdoor scenery and cosy hotel rooms. Guests get to enjoy curated cuisine made by in-house chefs and a myriad of facilities with a stay at Al Maha, a Luxury Collection Desert Resort & Spa, Dubai. Alternatively, you can stay in bubble tents at Starlight camp, enjoy evening breezes and sunsets, or even stay back late under the canopy of twinkling stars in the dark Arabian night as long as you want!

Dubai Hotels and resorts - for Luxury living experiences

Finally, for ultimate pampering and relaxation, Dubai hotels and resorts are excellent choices. Stays at Dubai hotels include discounts and freebies for honeymooners. There are plenty of opulent accommodations in the emirate. By far the best place to spend your

honeymoon is Atlantis the Palm, which offers breathtaking views of the Persian Gulf or Palm Jumeirah island as well as a plethora of complimentary amenities such as access to a water park and an aquarium. The Jumeirah hotel chain also has some gorgeous suites with free amenities. Take advantage of world-class hotels such as Taj Dubai, Address Hotels, and

One&Only The Palm Dubai for the most comfortable suites, infinity pools, rooftop dining,

spa wellness, and other amenities.

Author: Neha Singh

Bio: Neha loves traveling and is an avid trekker and explorer. She has done her post-graduation in Mass Communication, loves meeting new people and strongly believe in the Gandhian principle - 'Simple living, high thinking'.

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