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Which Caribbean Island Fits You Best (Part 6)

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When I started this blog series, I severely underestimated how many inhabited, tourist islands that the Caribbean has! This is part 6 of what was supposed to be a three-part series. There are islands on this blog that I hadn't even heard of. Here is the last part of the blog series that I wish I had never started. Time to discover which Caribbean Island fits you best.


Perfect for divers.

Ringed by brilliant, colorful coral reefs, Bonaire is a haven for snorkeling and SCUBA divers. But is also quickly emerging as an artist and foodie destination. Galleries ring the island with permanent art installations. An afternoon spent roaming the island will be an interesting experience.

Resorts Jessie recommends for Bonaire: Divi Flamingo Beach Resort, Harbour Village Beach Club, and Captain Don's Habitat.


Perfect for European charm

Time to brush up on your high school French, and head to this decidedly European, undeniably Caribbean Archipelago! Part of the French West Indies, Guadeloupe has it all: rain forests, waterfalls, extraordinary beaches, and adorable villages.

Resorts Jessie recommends for Guadeloupe: Le Creole Beach and Spa Hotel, Le Jardin Malanga, and La Toubana Hotel and Spa.


Perfect for hikers

Lace-up your hiking boots and head to jungle-filled Suriname for tropical rain forest adventures. Nesting sea turtles are one of the island's main draws.

Resorts Jessie recommends for Suriname: Courtyard by Marriott Paramaribo, Royal Torarica, and Torarica Hotel & Casino.

Trinidad and Tobago

Perfect to immerse yourself in Caribbean culture

Bursting with the unparalleled spirit of the dual island nation of Trinidad and Tobago offers the opportunity to experience everything from bustling cities to lazy days sunbathing on spotless sandy shores. Trinidad and Tobago offer unique activities like Carnival, goat racing, calypso dancing, and wildlife adventure.

Resorts Jessie recommends for Trinidad and Tobago: Bacolet Beach Club, Coco Reef Resort and Spa, and Crown Point Beach Hotel.


Perfect for British charm

Don’t let Bermuda’s location fool you; it sits far north of the Caribbean Sea of the coast of North Carolina. This group of 120 islands has a Caribbean soul. Bermuda's gorgeous turquoise waters and pink-sand beaches rival those of any island. And with some 60 percent of the population able to trace their roots back to the Caribbean connection is evident in everything from the local cuisine to the laid back attitude of the locals.

Resorts Jessie recommends for Bermuda: Rosewood Bermuda, Hamilton Princess & Beach Club, and Cambridge Beaches.

That's it, all the amazing tourist islands that you can choose from in the Caribbean. Do you have a favorite island? Is there an island that you would like to try that you hadn't considered before? You can read Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5 of Which Caribbean Island Fits You Best.

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