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How to Plan an Extraordinary Honeymoon

What’s the one thing that newlyweds need after the wedding? A dream honeymoon experience, of course! So, don’t leave your honeymoon experience to chance. As travel consultants, we’ve spent years researching and planning honeymoons. We do much more than booking your honeymoon. We listen to you, identify possible roadblocks, help you prioritize your must-haves, and provide you practical solutions that remove hurdles that keep you from having the honeymoon you deserve. Here is how to plan an extraordinary honeymoon.

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Start your honeymoon planning early. If you’re getting married during popular times such as June through August, Christmas, and New Year, book at least 6-9 months in advance to make sure you get your must-haves such as a private plunge pool or a quiet beachfront suite with outdoor shower. Often, you’ll also be able to take advantage of early booking deals.

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Pick your destination wisely. Without a doubt, BoraBora, Maldives, and Fiji are fantastic honeymoon destinations, but they are a horrible choice for couples with limited time off. An exotic destination is ideal if you have enough travel time and don’t mind long flights. Some countries require over a day traveling time, and also time to get over jet lag. Plan on at least ten days if you have long flights; anything less and you will be exhausted when you return.

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Budget for your honeymoon early. Wedding budgets can explode quickly. So discuss your must-haves experiences particular suite, adventure, relaxation, touring, food, and wine? Make a list together and come up with a realistic budget (we’ll gladly help with this). If you are a frequent flyer, save your mileage and try to use your accumulated points for your flights. Also, many credit cards offer airline mileage awards that may assist you.

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Check if there are any other travel requirements needed to enter your destination, such as a visa or vaccination(s). You might be surprised at some of the countries that require visas, like Australia and Brazil. You will not be allowed to enter a country if you don’t have all the proper documentation. Don’t forget to ask your doctor if they have any recommendations for your destination.

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Buy travel insurance. There are all sorts of circumstances that could cause you to cancel your trip, return home early, or force you to seek emergency medical treatment while traveling. Travel insurance protects against unforeseen circumstances and is often relatively cheap compared to what you’ve already invested in your trip. I recommend that you purchase the Cancel for Any Reason and Any Time. Coronavirus has taught us that the world throws curveballs; insurance prepares you for every eventuality.

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Hire a travel professional help with your honeymoon. This trip is one of the most romantic vacations you’ll ever take with your spouse; you want to go with complete peace of mind. The right travel professional will provide answers to all of your questions. What resort is right for us? How much is the deposit going to be; when is the final payment due? Does the hotel offer anything special because it is our honeymoon? Where do I buy travel insurance? The right travel specialist will also recommend restaurants, excursions, extra romantic touches, etc. Using a travel professional ensures you are not alone if issues arise. Just call your travel professional and relax while they work their magic!

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Plan your wardrobe for all the climates you will be encountering—shorts, sunhats, and sunscreen for hot sunny destinations, or layers and thermals for colder places. You’ll be surprised how often people forget to pack that sexy bikini they’ve wanted to wear! Also, don’t forget to check the dress codes at your destination. Many dress codes are stringent. If you don’t have appropriate clothing, you won’t be allowed to enter.

There you have my tips for planning an extraordinary honeymoon. If you want to read more about honeymoon planning, don’t miss my Honeymoon Planning Do’s and Don’ts or Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 of my Avoid a Honeymoon Disaster.

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